Flower Power

No, it’s not a First of April hoax, but coloring reality.
‘Nonstop’® begonias flower nonstop from April
until the first frosts. Whoever is still calling
begonias a bore has not allowed the
flower power of the ‘Nonstop’®
newcomers to enrapture him -
or her!

  ‘Nonstop® Apple Blossom’
  ‘Nonstop® Apricot’
  ‘Nonstop® Bright Red’
  ‘Nonstop® Deep Red’
  ‘Nonstop® Golden Orange’
  ‘Nonstop® Orange’
‘Nonstop® Pink’
  ‘Nonstop® Rose Petticoat’
  ‘Nonstop® Rosepink’
  ‘Nonstop® Salmon’
  ‘Nonstop® Scarlet’
  ‘Nonstop® White’
  ‘Nonstop® Yellow’